How To Color Your Hair Extensions

How To Color Your Hair Extensions

Posted at 11:00 - 12th June - Jackie-O -

Have you ever wanted a specific hair color so much but can’t find it anywhere else? Does
changing the color of your hair extensions worry you? Well, changing the color of your clip in
hair extensions shouldn’t be a problem at all. Believe us when we say it’s possible. Yes, you
read it right. It’s possible to change the color of your hair extensions. And it’s as easy as
coloring natural hair with few precautions and procedures to follow.
Aside from changing the color of your hair extensions, you can also cut and heat style it. Don’t
be afraid to restyle your hair extensions. You’d be amazed by how beautiful it can turn out!

How to properly color your hair extensions


1. Choose a color
It's exciting to change the color of your hair extensions, and there are many choices out there.
Do you want to go lighter or darker this time? Make sure to choose a color that would make you
feel beautiful!
The most ideal color is a 10-volume developer or a demi-permanent developer. If you’d like to
lighten your hair extensions by about 5 levels, you can opt for a 20-volume developer. It would
be better to avoid 30 and 40 volume developer because they are susceptible to damaging your
hair extensions if not used correctly.
2. Gather your supplies
You will need the following:
● Hair dye
● Bowl and brush
● Latex gloves
● Tin foil
● Plastic wrap
● Wide-toothed comb
● Towel
Get a hair dye from an expert or beauty shop. You need to avoid purchasing hair dye from the
drugstore or grocery store because that would make it more challenging to match your hair
3. Comb and wash your hair extensions
If your hair extensions have styling products, it’s necessary to wash them first. Make sure that
you comb them through to get rid of any tangles and allow them to air-dry thoroughly before
applying the hair dye. Avoid coloring your hair extensions when they are wet or damp.
4. Get enough workspace and hair color mixture
Set up your supplies on a large counter ensuring that you have a large room for your comfort.
Your room should be warm, well-lit and well-ventilated. Spread your sheets of tin foil across
your workspace so that you do not stain it.
Wear gloves and pour the right amount of hair dye and developer into the bowl then mix them
up together. Read through the manufacturer’s instructions so that you know the right mixture.
5. Apply the hair dye
It’s time to apply the hair dye to every single strand of your hair extensions. Using a brush,
distribute the hair dye to every part of your hair extensions. Make sure that enough hair dye
covers your entire hair extensions, from the top to the very end of it.
When applying the hair dye, start from the top of your hair extensions, move down towards the
ends of the extensions following the natural fall of the hair. Avoid coloring your extensions in an
upward manner as it might damage your hair or make the look disheveled and frizzy.


Let's Keep Going, Shall We?


Now that you've began the coloring process and have some time to spare, grab yourself a coffee or cup of tea and let the dye work it's magic!

6. Process the hair dye
After applying the dye to your hair extensions, cover them loosely using a plastic wrap in order
to prevent the color from drying out. Allow the color to process at standard room temperature for
the allotted amount of time that has been stated by the manufacturer.
The time ranges roughly between 20 to 40 minutes. Check a small section of the hair
extensions after every 5 to 10 minutes by using a paper towel to rub the color off the extension.
Using your hairbrush, reapply the color with your color brush after checking. Do not get
confused by the color, it appears darker when wet and lighter when dry. After you are done with
processing, fold the tin foil into half so that it is easier for you to take your extensions to the sink
for rinsing.
7. Rinse
It’s time to rinse the dye off from your hair extensions using warm water running under low
pressure. Use your fingers to get rid of the excess dye. Allow the water to flow in the direction of
the fall for the hair.
It takes roughly 16 minutes to rinse the dye off from your hair extensions. Make sure that you
remove all the color and keep on rinsing until you are sure that you got rid of all the hair dye.
8. Apply conditioner
After you rinse the dye off your hair extensions, evenly apply conditioner to it. Make sure that
enough conditioner covers your entire hair extensions, from the top to the very end of it. Gently
comb your hair extensions then wash it using cold water to seal in the hair color.
9. Comb and leave them to air-dry
Once you have completely rinsed the hair extensions, lay a towel on your work surface. Using a
wide-toothed comb, comb your hair extensions and then allow them to air-dry thoroughly before
you start styling them. Avoid blow drying them.
10. Enjoy your hair
There you go! It’s time to rock your newly colored hair extensions. Enjoy!
If you have any coloring tips or suggestions, kindly spread the sacred knowledge in the comment section below!


In Final

Coloring hair extensions is a very easy and fast process. However, taking the necessary
precautions is very vital. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and if you’re
uncertain about it, consult your hair stylist or let them do the coloring for you.
Hair extensions rock and having a unique and different color on them will make you shine like a diamond.

- Jackie -

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