Lesson: 1 The Power of False Eyelashes

Beauty is all about trying new things, confidence, creativity, and feeling happy in your own skin. I am a make-up lover and I have been using make-up for over fifteen years now. Make-up is all about experimenting with different products to find one that best suits you. Personally, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I tried my first pair of false eyelashes and I loved the experience. I fell in love with the mystic my eyes held when covered in a quality lash. The ease of daytime makeup is all we ever want. I will admit that it takes a bit of time for one to get used to the routine. Over the years of perfecting my eyelash obsession to a perfect ritual, I have gained knowledge, solutions and hacks some would kill for! In this article, I am going to share with you the following insight on false eyelashes:


  • How to apply false eyelashes.
  • Different types of false eyelashes and their features.
  • Tips you will need along the way.


First things first:

There are tons of false eyelashes on the market from natural, to dramatic, to over the top. Eyelashes can be the icing on the cake for any make-up look. The trick is properly picking eyelashes that fit the occasion. For example, natural eyelashes are great for work and school and dramatic eyelashes are great for the night time, special events or for social media (Instagram, Snapchat). The worst mistake is to be seen out looking as if you have no idea how to coordinate your eyes with your overall look and social situation.

      Today, false eyelashes are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and types. There are  3 types of false eyelashes: 

  • Strip lashes
  • Individual flare lashes
  • Individual single lashes

 Before you start buying and using false eyelashes it is important to know the differences in the options available to find one that suits you.


(1)Strip lashes

The strip lash is the most popular type of eyelash extensions. It is the most sought out by beginners because it is easy to apply. Strip lashes range from $10- $25 and the more you splurge the more you are sure to source one of the highest quality lashes on the market. Cheaper strip lashes usually irritate the eye at the beginning or the end of the strip, may look unbalanced, or lose its curve sooner than expected.


    Strip eyelashes are the easiest lash extensions to apply. To apply them, simply apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the band, let the adhesive dry until it is tacky then grip right behind the band with a pair of tweezers and apply to your lash line above your natural lashes.


(2)Individual single lashes

Individual lashes are for those that want to create a unique look and style. These are individual strands that are applied with a powerful adhesive. Each strand is applied next to your natural lash. This method of lash extension can last up to 6 weeks with proper care.

Single lashes are also usually applied by a professional in a salon due to the amount of time and expertise needed to apply them correctly. However, there are some do-it-yourself individual lash kits which consist of lashes, tweezers, adhesive, and remover. You can perfect this option and save tons of money, but you will sacrifice time.

(3) Individual flare lashes

   Individual flare lash extensions are mostly used by make-up artists and are applied individually instead of all at once like strip lashes. They are a big help in increasing lash fullness to fill sparse areas. Flare lashes typically come in 3 different lengths and are great because the person applying them has a lot of control on how the end result will look. Layer them for a more voluminous look or add just a few around the outer area of the eye to create flared lashes.



Helpful practices - Properly Fitting False Eyelashes


1. Cut off excess lashes   - the lashes may not fit your natural eye shape. Therefore, in order for them to fit, you must trim off excess strands. Place the false lash on your lash line to determine your desired shape. Make sure to be careful and precise to cut lashes in a clean, and smooth cut.

2. Pick the right adhesive -  picking the right adhesive can be tricky because they don’t dry the same. Some dry white, black, or clear. You’ll want to avoid the white ones as they leave a white residue. Clear or black are the most desirable adhesives to use. This is because the clear adhesive is transparent once it dries and black adhesive acts as eyeliner and can add definition to your eyes.

3. Wrap it up! – wrapping your strip lashes around a makeup brush can encourage the band to curve, making it easier to apply to your natural lash line. This will only work if the lashes have leftover adhesive stuck to them. Make sure to leave lash around the brush for about ten minutes.

4. Use eyeliner – I would advise you to always put on liquid eyeliner when applying false lash extensions. This easily gives your eyes a natural look.

5. Use mascara – mascara can help blend your natural lash with your false lashes. Apply mascara gently to push your natural lash into the false lash. Do this gently as you're simply encouraging the lashes to blend to the same color.

6. Apply adhesive to your lash line – you may choose to apply adhesive to your lash line, this helps the false lashes to stay on longer.

7. An all natural remover – to remove your lashes without irritating makeup removers, try melting a little oil and apply it on the lash band with a q-tip. This helps the eyelash to slide off with ease.

8. Disinfect – you need to clean your lashes regularly or bacteria will grow on them. Pour an alcohol disinfectant in a bowl and let your lashes sit for about 10 minutes.


False Eyelash DOs and DON'Ts

  • Do Experiment with Different Pairs of False Lashes - it is important to try out different false lashes so that you find one that best suits you.
  • Do Pay Attention the Width of the Band - you should ensure that width of the band fits perfectly on your lash line.
  • Do Make the Band Curvy - a curvy band makes it easier for you to place the false lashes right into place.
  • Don't Apply Too Much Glue - do not apply too much glue as it may appear messy and this may also damage your natural lash line.
  • Do Give the Eyelash Glue time to Dry - This is actually very important because if the glue isn't dry enough, the eyelash may slide off or end up appearing uneven.
  • Don't Apply Lashes Before Eyeshadow and Eye Liner - you should ensure you do your eyelashes first before your eyeshadow to avoid tampering with it.
  • Do Re-Curl Post-False Eyelash Application
  • Don't Glue Your Eyelids Shut - if this accidentally happens, you should wash your eyes with warm running water. Use makeup remover or coconut oil to wipe glue off. If irritation, burning, or stinging occurs, consult a physician.
  • Do Use Eyeliner as a Guide - draw your eyeliner first to define the shape of your lash line. This will help your eyelashes look more natural.
  • Do Trim Eyelash Strips to Find the Right length for you- We encourage you to ensure that you lengthen your lashes to fit in with your real lashes.

Final Words:

    The above tips will help you along with the application and removal of your lashes. Remember to be extra gentle with your lashes to avoid swollen eyes, eye irritation, and hair loss. Make sure not to use an adhesive you are allergic to.

    Artificial eyelashes are one great way to enhance your natural beauty and eye shape and give you the much desired flashy look. I guess you are feeling more goddess-ready beautiful by now, just imagine what a great pair of lashes could do! :-)

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