Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better...and More Expensive?

Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better, and More Expensive?

Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better... and More Expensive?

Seriously, why? Why is it you can literally go to your choice of drug stores, superstores, beauty supply chains, even grocery stores around your city and find many lashes - dirt cheap? Why on earth would you spend $15-$25 on ONE pair of lashes, when you can bag 1, 2, or even 3 pairs for the same price? Better yet, why would you even care what material or texture a lash is when it’s not like its long-wearing lash extensions you’re stuck with for weeks? You can take off the lashes daily, choose not to wear them when you don't feel like it, and buy multiple styles to suit all your desired looks. So why would this be something I would change if it's working already?

Well babe, we got all the answers to your lash investment inquiries! Keep reading below as we are going to cover:

  1. Why Mink Lashes are Better than any other lashes on the market
  2. Why Mink lashes cost more
  3. Why they’re a better investment in the long run

    Why Mink Lashes are Better than any other lashes on the market

    100% Mink lashes are made from real hair that is fluffy, soft and especially more natural than synthetic lashes, or other materials. When you wear real mink hair lashes, you can hardly tell they are on throughout the day. The only part of your lash game that might be a constant reminder of its presence, would be if you didn’t properly trim your lash band; and the ends poke your eyelid corners. (Don’t worry, we will address how to solve this issue in more detail later in another blog; make sure to subscribe). If you correctly measure your lashes, trim, and apply as directed; you will have natural, lightweight lash that feel like they are not even on all day long! Synthetic and other various material made lashes, unfortunately, have a much heavier feel on your eyelids that is not comfortable for the entire day. I don’t know about you, but If I’m wearing an entire cotton band of fluffy individual lashes; it better be comfortable! I feel like If the beauty enhancement I pay money for, and intentionally take my time to apply and remove daily needs to hurt, feel droopy, or heavy…. the pain doesn't justify such a small enhancement. The opportunity cost of wearing falsies just doesn’t seem worth it anymore, this is why 100% mink lashes have put the beauty and cosmetics industry in a full nelson choke hold that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon!

    It’s THE LOOK!

    There is no better way to explain why mink lashes are preferred other than its aesthetic. There is an obvious distinction in mink hair vs. other materials that even an untrained eye cannot deny. In short, authentic mink lashes are:

    • A more natural black color
    • Softer than other lashes
    • Lighter and more comfortable for all day wear
    • fluffier.
    • effortlessly blends with your natural lashes

    Most loyal lash-a-holics know that the other inexpensive alternatives you may find at the beauty or drug store are simply put - a waste of money and time. These lashes have so many downsides; I honestly cannot see the point of wearing them; even if they were free.

    Non Mink Eyelashes:

    • Fall apart after a couple of wears.
    • Don’t sanitize or wash well.
    • Struggle to keep its shape once worn a few times, washed, or cleaned.
    • Are an unnatural looking dyed black color that is obviously not natural looking.
    • Are too shiny
    • Do not blend with your natural lashes without gobs of mascara; which in turns, tears apart the lashes.

    That price tag doesn't look so appealing anymore, does it? I guess it's like the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

    It can’t. There are frankly too many cons and too little pros of wearing synthetic lashes compared to 100% authentic Siberian Mink Lashes. Now that we’ve covered the most basic pros and cons of mink and non mink lashes, let’s dive into why it makes sense to pay more for authentic mink lashes vs. other lashes.

    Why Mink Lashes Cost More, and why it’s a better investment in the long run

    The primary reason most women don’t even bother experimenting with other lashes, or pay a higher price tag for a more luxurious lash, is because the lashes they’ve been wearing serve its chief function; they provide a more dramatic look and enhance their eyes.

    So why even bother worrying about other options, more expensive materials, or shopping around with different brands? Well, for me, and for an emerging group of women, MUA’s, busy moms, and professionals, the answer makes more sense than the traditional way. 100% Siberian Mink Lashes are a much better investment over time. If you haven't tried mink lashes yet, here are a few good points to help you consider upgrading your lash game:

    • Authentic mink lashes from a reliable company last 30+ wears with proper care.
    • Mink lashes pay for themselves over time in the ease of cleaning, sanitation, and reuse.
    • The glamorous shape of the lash will last longer than other lashes.
    • They do not go stiff or clump together after a couple wears.
    • Makeup and liner removes easier on real hair vs. other types of lashes.
    • The lightweight, airy feel of mink lashes makes wearing them a fun experience and in turn, you enjoy getting glam more often!

    Truthfully, I could go on and on about my love of the lash. But for now, we will stick to the key points. Ladies, when you choose your next pair of lashes, keep these in mind. You wouldn’t buy cheap sunglasses from the drugstore and expect them to last, the same rule applies here! It took us as a collective years of trusting sunglasses brands to stand up to their promise before we splurged on a more luxury pair; but when we did, we had a sturdy pair of shades that lasted for years. They fit our face shape better and gave us more UV protection. The same rule applies here, only the price difference between real mink lashes and other lashes is not as steep. as a pair of Prada shades! The couple extra dollars spent on a good quality set of lashes really makes sense for not only your look, your time, but most importantly, your lash collection. You can now have fun switching between different styles for different occasions and not have to shop for literal months for another pair! 3 pairs of mink lashes can last up to 90 days with proper care. That $7.99 adds up when you are back buying another pair every 3-5 uses.

    Oh yes, and before we conclude; let’s not forget to address the elephant in the room:

    Although there are some very honorable reasons why many people opt out of supporting the Mink Lash industry, there is hope if you’re still interested in trying out a pair. You can rest assured that a reputable company will guarantee they source their materials in an ethical and cruelty free manner. Most companies can even prove this upon request. There are absolutely 100% cruelty free techniques in which mink hair can be collected to create lashes. However, it is a more costly direction that every lash manufacturer may not be willing to factor into their costs of production. Therefore, it is vital to shop at a company that keeps their morality and honesty intact when dealing with authentic hair.

    I respectively feel like this is a very sensitive subject that deserves its own platform. So I ask you to stay tuned, as we will dive into this subject in a later blog. Please remember to subscribe to The Royal Beauty Club for more blogs sent directly to your inbox!

    So ladies, have you recently switched from commercial lashes to minks? Are you much happier that you did? Would you ever go back to traditional lashes again? Let us know in the comment section below!


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